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Child allowance doubled in December

parliament approved Bill for the payment of child benefits at double the normal rate in December 2022. For families who also receive social assistance, additional child benefits do not count toward social assistance.

The Child Allowance Law and the Social Assistance Law will be amended temporarily. The aim of the reform is to strengthen the purchasing power of families with children during a period of rising prices.

The amendment is one of the measures agreed at the 2023 government budget deliberations aimed at strengthening the purchasing power of the population.

Kela will pay double the normal child allowance in December. Kela pays child benefits to all her children under the age of 17 who reside permanently in Finland. The amount of child allowance increases according to the number of children. The recipient does not need to contact her Kela or submit an application to receive double child benefit. See the Kela website for Child Benefit and Single Parent Assistance amounts.

As an example, the total child benefit paid to two children is €199.72 per month. In a family with two parents, he earns an additional €199.72 if the child allowance is doubled to hers, whereas in a single-parent family he earns an additional €326.32. This will allow her two-parent family with two children to receive a total of €399.44 in child benefits in December.

Child allowance is non-taxable income. The child benefit amount is not affected by the recipient’s income or assets. The child allowance amount is not linked to the National Pension Index.

Child benefits are normally counted as income for social assistance purposes. For example, in November 2021, about 15% of social assistance recipients were also paid child benefits. Additional child benefits paid in December do not count toward Social Assistance. This means that if the family is on social assistance, the payment of additional child benefits will not affect social assistance and no additional measures regarding social assistance will need to be taken.

Double Child Benefit will be paid on the normal monthly pay day, but this year it’s Friday, December 23rd.


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