Chainsaw Man’s first episode immersed us in gorgeous, brutal action

For weeks, my social media feeds were filled with people very excited about an animated series featuring a man with a chainsaw in his is called chainsaw manNot being familiar with the original manga written by Tatsuki Fujimoto, I wasn’t quite sure what the excitement was about, but I was certainly intrigued, especially with the involvement of anime studio MAPPA ( Above all, it’s the team behind it. lily! ! !on ice). I just watched one episode and got it completely. The adrenaline makes me feel like I’ve drunk his 6-pack of Red Bull.

chainsaw man is a story about Denji, a poor kid who is burdened with debts inherited from his father and forced to resort to extreme measures to earn cash. Occasionally, he sells organs – which is why he wears an eyepatch – but most of the time, he has his own pet, named Pochita, who has a chainsaw wedged in his face. They use cute puppies as tools to make money. The chainsaw can be used for logging work, but two people often team up to chop up terrifying monsters for a bounty. Monsters in this world are called devils, and Denji makes a living as a devil hunter.

It’s not a great life, though. They live together in a small hut and spend so much money paying off their debts that they have little to eat. Denji dreams of living a normal life. For him, that means he can afford to smear jam on a slice of bread for dinner. Things go from bad to worse when Denji’s yakuza boss lures him into a trap and gets torn apart by a group of zombies.

But then something strange happens — I’m not going to spoil all the details — and Denji and his chainsaw-wielding pup essentially merge into one. When pulled, your face and arms transform into a chainsaw that you use for brutal and bloody demolition of hordes of zombies.

It’s like a superhero origin story, only very terrifying. It’s cool. Things start a little slow as the show builds up Denji’s tragic backstory, but once the action kicks in, it’s a beautiful, ballet-like, bloody spectacle that’s a lot of fun to watch. The design is particularly nice, and Denji’s chainsaw look reminds me a bit of Pyramid Head. I really like how the chainsaw melts when he reverts to his original form.

One 25-minute episode is clearly not enough to judge the show as a whole, but it definitely got me hooked. The mix of drama, silliness and overwhelming violence is well balanced and gives the show a very distinctive flavor.The first episode ends with Denji joining his team of monster hunters. increase. Many more actions are promised in the future.

chainsaw man will start streaming on Crunchyroll on October 11th.

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