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Cemac Summit : Paul Biya Highlights Social Cohesion in Cemac Countries

Published by JDC on Mar 18, 2023 at 06:38

In a speech by the head of state of Cameroon read by Luc Ayan, chairman of the Economic and Social Council of Cameroon, Paul Biya wrote:

It is a matter of rewriting the social contract and unlocking the rapid growth potential of our subregion.President Paul Biya continued with the same speech. He also outlined some solutions for this human capital development, so we didn’t stop there.

For Mr. Paul Biya, CEMAC’s six member states should give particular focus to all policies that contribute to improving the living conditions of their populations. Adding to this concern, Cameroon’s president also believes the training sector needs to be further developed. “Optimal training delivery tailored to employment needs must be accessible to all.Read Paul Viya’s speech.

To this end, I call on Member State governments to take ownership and reflect on taking appropriate actions for the development of human capital.This is a guarantee of inclusive and sustainable economic growth‘ concluded the tenant of Yaoundé’s Etoudí Palace.

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