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Cameroon – La mort de Martinez Zogo ne doit pas rester impunie |

In response to the abduction and death of Cameroonian journalist Martínez Zogo, who was found near Yaounde on 22 January, Samira Daud, Amnesty International’s regional director for West and Central Africa, has launched an investigation into accountability. requested.

Martinez Zogo, a respected journalist in the country and former head of private radio Amplitude FM, regularly denounces alleged embezzlement of funds by high-profile figures. The likely assassination of his son is a long list of violent, violent and intimidated people in Cameroon.

Through a communique de press, the Cameroonian authorities pledge to do everything possible to identify the perpetrators of this crime and bring them to justice. In Dowd’s voice, he appealed to the authorities to initiate and set up a prompt, thorough and impartial investigation to shed light on this atrocious event. information et d’expression garantie par les textes nationalaux et internationaux et s’engager à protector les défenseurs des droits humanans, y compris ceux qui denouncent des faits presumés de corruption”, said Samira Dowd.

Amnesty International and 10 other human rights groups announced on 10 June 2020 the enforced disappearance and disappearance of journalist Samuel Aziyeka Abwe Dit “Wazizi”, who was arrested by the Defense Forces and security forces in August 2019. It has already requested an investigation into the deaths and detentions. à Buea, dans la région du Sud-Ouest. Les autorités camerounaises avaientattu son of a scout ten months ago decès en detention. Not.

Source: Amnesty International

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