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Cabinet repels CDA proposal to ban smartphones in school classrooms.

Cabinet education ministers Robert Dijkgraf and Dennis Wiersma do not support a coalition CDA proposal to create a law banning smartphones from school classrooms. Wiersma said it was important for schools to determine their own boundaries on this and was more in favor of providing ways to support teachers who didn’t want to see the device in the classroom.CDA’s idea received a lukewarm response at Tweede Kamer on Wednesday and was not well received by other coalition parties.

In a letter sent by Wiersma and Dijkgraaf to MPs for Tweede Kamer, “schools should have educational resources to determine how and how digital resources can be used in schools.” There is an educational responsibility and professionalism.” They believe a legal ban is not the ideal approach to the problem. The minister also said he believed it would take too long to enact a law just for this purpose.

The CDA’s René Peters proposed the ban at Wednesday’s education budget debate, finding it difficult for some teachers to ban smartphones from being brought into classrooms when other classrooms and classes allow them. said. Many at Tweede Kamer shared concerns about smartphones interfering with teaching materials, but there was little support for banning the device outright.

Harm Beertema (PVV) pointed out that he was in favor of the idea because he had made similar suggestions before. However, he was less enthusiastic about the coalition parties VVD, D66 and Christian Union.

Gert-Jan Segers of ChristenUnie pointed out that schools are usually to blame in situations like this. Zohair El Yassini (VVD) also says smartphones can be useful in classrooms, including for educational use. Wiersma agreed. Lisa Westerveld (GroenLinks) had strong concerns about the feasibility of such a project, but she mentioned a potential “experimental balloon” on her Twitter.

The minister agreed with Mr Peters that the “overly unregulated” use of smartphones in the classroom was a problem. He surmised that the result was

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