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Busiest morning rush hour of the year with over 900 kilometers of traffic jams

Thursday morning was the busiest morning rush hour so far this year. At 8am, the travel association ANWB noted 940 kilometers of traffic jams on Dutch roads. This is the morning rush hour record this year. At 8:45 am, there were 159 traffic jams over 875 kilometers.

The combination of rain and expected traffic will make Thursday morning and evening rush hour very busy, Rijkswaterstaat warned on Twitter. The Department of Public Works said it would be wise to work from home or move out of rush hour if possible.

The traveler’s association, ANWB, also warned about busy rush hours. The roads were busy early in the morning. At 7:15 a.m., ANWB reported he had 59 traffic jams covering 278 kilometers of Dutch roads.

Thursday will be cloudy and rainy with strong south-southwest winds, according to the Meteorological Institute KNMI. In some parts of the Northeast, the thermometer never goes above 6°C, but most places have highs around 11°C.

The rain will continue into next week.there is a little Snow potential in Northeast over the weekend.

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