Browns’ Anthony Walker pulled off cart after ‘dirty’ play by Steelers’ Chukuma Okorafor

Browns linebacker Anthony Walker Jr. Cleveland won 29-17 on “Thursday Night Football,” after many viewed him on Twitter as “dirty” by Steelers tackle Chukuma Okorafor. was aired and carted off the field.

Browns announced it was a knee injury.

Okorafor put a hard block on Walker in the third quarter after Mitch Trubisky led to a runback on Jaylen Warren’s short pass to middle.

As Walker fell to the ground, Okorafor jumped on top of him.

Kirk Herbstrait said while watching the replay on the Amazon Prime Video broadcast, “I made contact there and he punched him and then jumped on top of him.” .”

The play had a flag, but Okorafor’s belly flop did not. Instead, the tackle was ruled an ineligible man downfield for just a five-yard penalty that wiped out Warren’s 35-yard play.

Browns linebacker Anthony Walker Jr. (5) was checked by his trainer after being injured late in the game against the Steelers.
Browns linebacker Anthony Walker Jr., 5, left the field on Thursday, Sept. 20, after suffering an injury in the second half of a game against the Steelers in Cleveland.  February 22, 2022.
Browns linebacker Anthony Walker Jr. (5) was sidelined after suffering an injury late in the game against the Steelers.

The play immediately sparked controversy online.

Chukuma Okorafor, 25, is in his fifth season with the Steelers since being selected in the third round of the 2018 draft.

Team captain Walker Jr. is in his second season with the Browns.

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