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Brazil: Ο Λουλλα visits China with 240 enterprises

president of brazil Λουίς Ινάσιο Λουλλα ντα Σίλβα i will visit you China Kotanejiku תת Merchant ממ Merchant ןססס vs. 240εκροσώπωνεπιστήρεις, εκτων90

Commerce Secretary Ντανιέλ Φερνάντες declared at a press conference that all ministries will be represented in the visit to Beijing and Σαγκάη from 26 to 30 March.

Entauo Sigmaro Sigma, secretary of the Ministry of Asia, Greece and Russia, said Brazil hopes to diversify its commercial relations with China, the largest customer of Brazilian exports, mainly in wheat and iron ore. said.

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