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Botswana moves to address drug shortage

Published in APA News on Jan 25, 2023 at 10:21

The Ministry of Health said Wednesday that Botswana has received three consignments of medicines in the past two weeks as part of a government program to alleviate medicine shortages it has been experiencing since early last year. He was received on January 16th, January 20th and January 23rd.

The latest shipments “also included pain relievers, iron, oral contraceptives, antibiotics and other categories of essential medicines that are in short supply in the country,” it said.

“On January 20, 2023, the ministry received a number of batches of oral rehydration solutions used to treat and prevent dehydration and related diarrheal diseases,” the ministry said.

The next shipment is due domestically by the end of this week, it said.

“The ministry believes that these deliveries will begin to address the country’s current drug shortages,” the ministry said.

Botswana has been battling shortages of medicines in public health facilities since March 2022. This problem especially affects children and people suffering from chronic diseases and requiring continuous medication.

A number of factors have been cited as contributing to the shortage of medicines in Botswana. One is a lack of funding for drug procurement, as the government has been accused of not allocating sufficient funds to purchase drugs.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also caused delays in the delivery of medicines from other countries. This made it even more difficult for pharmacies to keep essential medicines in stock.

The shortage is also due to the fact that many pharmaceutical companies have stopped making some drugs that are not making enough profit to justify the cost of production.

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