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Booker T attended one important match for the ‘WWE SmackDown’ brand he’s looking forward to. Upon his return to WWE, many wondered who Bray Wyatt would target first. I started my story at LA NightThe two first met during a backstage segment, with Wyatt headbutting Knight. The following week, Knight slapped Wyatt twice, but he paid for his actions as he was knocked out and seen buried under his equipment.

his “Hall of Fame” Podcast, Booker T in Wyatt vs. Knight. Booker T said, “I’m looking forward to seeing exactly how that match goes.” “I said it had to be another Bray Wyatt when Bray Wyatt came back, and I think we saw another Bray Wyatt,” Booker T said. , described one knock on him that Wyatt often gets from fans and pundits.

Booker T said, “Look at Bray more and I think he’ll get a chance to go out and play. We’re going to see him go out and work.” I think that’s what people always try to hold onto. They always talk about his character, but never about his performance.” I feel like it’s time to check Wyatt’s gut. Bray Wyatt has a chance to reinvent himself. “ Booker T said. “Characters only go so far. You have to give me something in return.” He sees Wyatt as a chance to show how good he is.

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