Blac Chyna reveals results of melting facial fillers after ‘looked like a jigsaw puzzle’

https://www.instagram.com/p/Cp1KEMLjgHX/. Blac Chyna reveals results of melting facial fillers after “it looked like a jigsaw puzzle”Black China/Instagram

Black China/Instagram

black china We continue our journey back to Angela White.

rear remove her breast and buttock implants, real black china .

“I’m actually on my way to have these fillers melted away from my cheek and jawline.”

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The process is “quite burning or stabbing,” she said, but Chyna said, “I’m not even worried about getting stung. I just want it to stop.”

Chyna (real name Angela White) then arrived at Allure Laser in Los Angeles. Armita Amini PA-C has begun the process of injecting the face with chemicals that dissolve the fillers.

“Basically, I want it all to dissolve,” she told her doctor.

When asked what inspired this journey, Chyna explained: Back to Angela. ”

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“Blac Chyna from Blac Chyna, do you know what I mean?” “I feel like I’ve grown beyond that. It’s time for a change. And I just want to get better.”

The “Can’t See Me” artist said that with filler, make-up artists often “contour, so it’s even more dramatic,” adding, “So I’m going to look like a jigsaw puzzle.” pointed out. saw character.

Amini tells her that the dissolution “works pretty quickly”, usually within a day, and while swelling is to be expected, it’s “pretty mild for most people.”

black china

black china

Amy Sussman/Getty black china

“Oh yeah, let it melt,” Chyna said after the doctor pulled the needle out of her left cheek. “It’s like you can tell the difference almost instantly.”

After melting a final round of filler into her lips, Chyna asked Dr. Amini, as it was an “easy process.”

“I’m on a journey right now and just want to start fresh and clean,” Chyna explained. I’m not the only one who has a little overdoing on my face. ”

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Chyna previously warned her followers by documenting having a silicone shot removed from her butt after receiving her first silicone shot when she was 19.”don’t get silicone shots You can die because you can get sick,” she noted, noting that she’s never personally experienced any negative side effects.

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“But now it’s moving [up] in life. So I want this out of her butt so she can grow,” added Chyna, who had her breast implants removed and retired “long stiletto nails.”

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