Bill Walton accuses San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria of homelessness: ‘Hunted and assaulted’

Bill Walton calls on San Diego City Hall to grasp the homeless crisis.

Walton, a progressive Grateful Dead aficionado and not a Rush Limbaugh supporter, called out San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria on multiple forums.

San Diego Voice website I have recorded some letters Walton wrote to Mayor Gloria on this matter.including an NBA and broadcast legend who said he was assaulted.

“Once again, I was threatened, chased and assaulted by homeless people in our park as I was quietly riding my bike in Balboa Park early Sunday morning.” I didn’t do anything.”

Bill Walton is pleading with San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria to address the city’s homeless crisis.
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On August 24, Walton wrote: [homeless], what about our rights? We follow the rules of a functioning society. Why are other people allowed to ignore those rules? Your lack of behavior is unacceptable, as is the behavior of homeless people. “

Mayor Gloria was elected in 2016.

In recent years, homelessness has skyrocketed in many large cities across America. including New Yorkit’s a San Diego problem been working on it for a while.

San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria.
San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria.
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In addition to the letter he wrote, Walton, 69, went public with his frustration and called on Mayor Gloria to take action on Instagram this week.

“Sadly, with a broken heart, I cannot say that my hometown of San Diego is the greatest place in the world. I cannot say that SD is safe, healthy, clean and beautiful. I will no longer encourage my family, friends, tourists and businesses to come to SD to live, work or play,” Walton wrote.

“For the past 43 years, I can no longer say that our neighborhood is still my dream.I am heartbroken. Mayor @toddgloria — Let’s clean our streets and take back our lives.I We have to solve the homeless crisis. We need engagement. Rehabilitation, constant enforcement, and we need it now.”

It was the second time in less than a week that he challenged Mayor Gloria on Instagram.

“San Diego Mayor @toddgloria please take back our parks, bike paths, neighborhoods, communities and our lives.” Walton wrote in an earlier entry“The homeless situation is getting worse, not better, and keeping people on the streets costs more than dropping them off.. We need it now.”

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