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Big cities prepare winter homeless shelters for cold weekends

Additional shelters arranged by local authorities for the winter season will open this weekend in the four largest Dutch cities to provide a warm place for the homeless. Meteorologists are forecasting colder temperatures across the country, especially at night. For many, it may have already felt like 0 degrees Celsius on Friday, but the thermometer will dip slightly below freezing as we head into Saturday night. A low of around -5°C is likely to be seen in the following nights.

The GGD Municipal Health Service considers it unreasonable for people to sleep outside in such circumstances. The criterion is when the weather conditions combine to make it feel as if he is below 0 degrees.

Amsterdam shelters are only temporarily open for now

In Amsterdam, homeless people can go to shelters from Friday night to Monday morning. They can report to the facility at He Transformatorweg 6 in the Sloterdijk district between 4:30pm and 10:00pm and receive a bed, shower, hot meal and breakfast.

This reception is free. The capital’s normal winter shelters are only open on December 1st.

Rotterdam and Utrecht more flexible

Rotterdam reported that winter shelters will also open on Friday night, but it is not yet known when they will close.

Utrecht has several places for those looking for winter shelter during the day and night. These include the Tussenvoorziening Shelter and the Salvation Army.

Other services to read in The Hague

In The Hague, the store on Rooseboomstraat in the Bezuidenhout district remains open during the cold weekend. There, from November 1st, special care will be provided in addition to the regular winter shelter provided at the former Haga Hospital/Red Cross Hospital.

Cold air is less likely to cover the Netherlands on Sunday. The temperature should be in the range of 4-8 degrees.

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