Biden’s latest gift to a wealthy college graduate — at the expense of everyone else

President Joe Biden with yes votes still on in the Georgia Senate run-off just expanded Student loan payments will be suspended again until September 2023.

The move is intended as a responsible federal budget board. put itIt also breaks Biden’s promise to end the moratorium in January.

But shortly after Election Day, courts began rejecting his (blatantly illegal) bids outright cancel Up to 20 grand student loan debt, raise the fees he paid Youths Openly Imprisoned his own long-held mandate to vote Democrat Admitted He had no power to issue.

it takes a risk backlash Against Democratic Party of Georgiaso he now pretends that he hopes court appeals will allow him to give presents — and extend the repayment moratorium — that began during the COVID recession, has been repeatedly extended, and is finally set to expire automatically next month – 60 days after either 1) June 30, 2023, or 2) the conclusion of the litigation.

Courts have begun rejecting Biden’s bid to completely cancel up to 20 grand of student loan debt.
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In other words, he’s escalating fraud at a $40 billion cost to taxpayers, the CFRB Estimate, mainly because Uncle Sam eats interest costs while he’s on break.it pushes total Since payments were first frozen in 2020, taxpayers have reached a whopping $195 billion.

The big winners: doctors, lawyers, etc. who took out more loans to cover the cost of higher degrees. Losers: People who have already paid off their loans or never went to college (waitresses, construction workers, truck drivers) — but are stuck getting their feet on the bill.

Oh, if Thanksgiving prices aren’t high enough for you: CFRB predicts Biden extension Also It pushes inflation another 20 basis points.

student loan
Student loan debtors demand that President Biden write off their debts.
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and an excuse for both extensions When The Bigger Freebie, The Pandemic Is Long aboutBiden’s cynicism and his party cynicism knows no bounds.

It’s horrifying to think about what bills Biden will throw into the country in the run-up to the 2024 election.

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