Biden started strong at the UN, then fell into awakened apathy

in his speech to United Nations General Assembly, President Joe Biden could say all the right things about the Ukraine war. But he kept talking.

“Permanent members of the UN Security Council have invaded their neighbors and tried to erase sovereign states from the map.” The president thundered — “We are currently seeing attacks on schools and hospitals,” “the historical and cultural center of Ukraine.” He also cited “mass graves found in Idium”, “Body showing signs of torture”.

Such a clear, unambiguous statement about Vladimir Putin’s crimes and the damage the war has done to the international order is the right answer for a Russian dictator to start a war. Large-scale muster of new armies And threaten to use nuclear weapons again. Also, to the point: “The United States wants the war to end on fair terms… Only Russia is standing in the way of that.”

Even his words about the global struggle for freedom were welcome.

But what might have been an evocative call to arms, both literal and figurative, was horribly dulled by the ensuing laundry list of screaming left-wing liberals. climate changeBiden claimed to be listed first among the “most important issues for people’s lives.”

The 674 million people on earth living in extreme poverty disagree, Joe.

Even more ridiculous is his long-standing salesmanship on the Inflation Reduction Act. He hailed it as a “global game changer”. When all serious quotes indicate that Little or no impact on inflation even in the United States Not to mention globally. Hundreds of billions of dollars spent, not even a significant impact on climate change.

The speech dripped with subtle piety about greater global inclusivity and other primitive jargon. It’s uncomfortable in itself.much worse when it is crowed to speech genuine article A crisis — namely, an ongoing attack on a European nation riddled with war crimes by a nuclear-mad tyrant.

Biden has done his best to meet Putin’s war challenges. Unfortunately he couldn’t stick to it.

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