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Between Chinese and American models of pandemic prevention | The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

Since the outbreak of COVID, the US has engaged in an effort to demonize China, fabricating claims that the virus originated in a Wuhan military lab. Unable to prove such baseless accusations, the United States has long attacked China’s use of strict lockdown measures to prevent the spread.

It seems almost absurd that a country like the United States believes it has the moral advantage or justification to preach to China on how to deal with the pandemic. With a recorded death toll of 1.09 million and her 98 million infections, the US government has little place to offer criticism or advice on her handling of COVID-19.

China’s strategy to zero COVID-19 has proven to be a huge success. When the rest of the world was devastated by her COVID-19, even in the most developed countries, China was able to quickly contain the spread of the virus, allowing its people to go on with their lives as usual. . This is an amazing feat that has garnered praise from world leaders and medical experts. “China’s lockdown measures have kept excess deaths to remarkably low levels. It was a dramatic and powerful demonstration of China’s strength and determination,” said J. Stephen Morrison, Senior Vice President and Global Health. Policy Center Director and Scott Kennedy, Senior Advisor and Chairman of the China Business and Economics Division, wrote. Meanwhile, they described the U.S. response to COVID-19 as “denial, incompetence, and polarization,” which has left many Americans dead.

Many have questioned China’s decision to continue implementing its Corona Zero Policy, arguing that the Omicron variant is a milder and less lethal variant than the original. , China does not leave things to chance. It would be irresponsible to relax pandemic control measures without a full understanding of the health impact of the virus on humans, especially vulnerable populations.

protection of the elderly
In contrast to the staggering U.S. death toll, China has recorded only 5,226 COVID-19 deaths among its 1.4 billion population since 2020, a tiny fraction of the former. . China cannot simply lift all medical restrictions and open its borders in such an irresponsible way as the United States has done. China is aging. Currently, 12.34% of China’s population is over the age of 65, which equates to about 172 million people, more than the total population of most countries. can develop severe symptoms and unanticipated medical complications. As vaccines have proven that they do not completely prevent transmission, China feels obligated to take strict measures to protect its elderly and prevent them from contracting diseases that are never colds. It’s far more serious than that, with long-term side effects that humanity still doesn’t fully understand, and has been ignored by many so-called experts in the West.

Even some so-called developed countries could not prevent other people from contracting the disease. Her rapidly increasing number of COVID-19 cases strains the provision of medical services and leads to overcrowding in hospitals. This is a recipe for disaster given the accelerated contagiousness of the Omicron variant. Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s call for more ventilators is still fresh in our minds. “We’ve tried everything else. The only way you can get these ventilators is through the federal government. Limited.” wanted a vital machine to help patients with

China is not going to put the elders through the same ordeal that the people of New York went through. Older people deserve the utmost respect and care of society, not death without dignity. This is something Americans clearly don’t understand.

China is well aware of the differences between its own medical infrastructure and that of the West. But for the Chinese government, the lives of its citizens always come first. And the Chinese people wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment. That is why China’s COVID-19 zero strategy has been successful. Nothing beats human life, not the so-called freedom and choice that Americans so often speak of. The Chinese people, along with the Chinese government, know what is at stake. And that is why the Chinese government cannot do what the United States is doing and leave the most vulnerable groups behind.

Adegbite is a public relations analyst based in Lagos.

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