Bethenny Frankel sues TikTok for fraudulent ads allegedly using her likeness, claiming social media creators are ‘exploited’

real housewives of new yorkof Bethenny Frankel filed a lawsuit against TikTok in U.S. District Court on Thursday.She claimed the platform failed to handle the fraudulent ads it allegedly used her content To promote counterfeit goods.

alum used platform On Sept. 16, her followers allegedly began asking questions about a particular ad showing Bethenny promoting a imitation designer cardigan.

according to Washington Post, Bethenny claimed that scammers had edited her video (because she promoted a different cardigan) to make it look like she was endorsing something cheaper. The lawsuit says Bethenny shared a video explaining what happened and reported the fraud via the Content Flag service.

However, Bethenny claimed her video was taken down due to alleged bullying. The star is now suing the platform for damages, claiming it has harmed her brand.

“First and foremost, we need concrete changes in practices, laws, processes and procedures that protect content creators,” Bethenny shared in a recent interview with The Washington Post. And TikTok needs to put in the effort.There are people who saw these ads that I’m in and bought these products.”

Bethenny said after the fraudulent ad was exposed, “People thought, ‘I thought it was sold out. You’re pitching these bad products. You can’t decide to just use me for publicity every day.'”

In a recent lawsuit, influencers have asked TikTok to internally flag fake ads and provide content creators with a way to quickly remove them.

The lawsuit also alleges that these problems have not been mitigated because TikTok profited from fraudulent advertising sales.

“This platform is not an e-commerce site, but promotes and facilitates the sale of products,” Bethenny’s complaint states. “Promoting products, especially counterfeit goods, garners millions of views and incentivizes TikTok to generate more revenue streams by allowing counterfeit goods to be presented to users.”

“I want to be the voice of change in this space,” said the 51-year-old.

After the post’s article was published, Bethenny shared it Instagram And wrote an unflinching caption:

“I have a voice. It is my right and responsibility to use it,” she explained. “Consumers and creators are being exploited without the means or power to protect and protect themselves.

She continued, “Social media and its influence as the most powerful media on the planet cannot be a reckless marketplace where people risk their rights and privacy being violated without protection. Hmm.”

Bethenny closed the post with the promise, “I will not stop until myself, my community and our children are protected.”

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