‘Best Rookie Receiver Ever’: Why Chiefs’ Skye Moore Has High Expectations

kansas city chiefs Rookie receiver Skye Moore said last week, Los Angeles Chargersboth come during the knee down on the last possession.

Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy said Thursday that’s not a likely scenario to play out again.

“As we continue to move forward, I assure you we’ll see more than one snap of him in the season.” It’s time to admit that he’s the player we need.”

Moore, one of the Chiefs’ second-round draft picks in April, impressed during training camp, playing 13 snaps with 30-yard receptions. The team’s opening game win in ArizonaHe also serves as the team’s primary punt returner. AFC Ranking 6th.

But the offensive snap wasn’t a significant early contest against the AFC West’s top opponents last Thursday.

“I’m just waiting for my time. I’m not worried about anything,” Moore told Star in his locker on Thursday. Everyone has a plan, so I just let them take the lead.”

Three weeks ago, before the season started, Moore said one of his goals was to try to achieve it, so he don’t think too much on the fieldHe believed that once he got to that point, he would instinctively be ready to play and be a place where he could stand out in his final season in West Michigan.

For now, Moore believes processing is the biggest obstacle to getting more snaps.

“If I’m sharper on the mental side of offense, I’m going to be able to show my physical ability,” Moore said.

Coaches and teammates say they’ve seen him work tirelessly to win in that field.

Bienimie specifically praised Moore on Thursday, saying, “I love the way he works.”

chiefs receiver Justin WatsonMoore, on the other hand, found himself typically one of the last guys to leave the practice field after spending extra time at quarterback.

“He’s doing everything right,” said Watson.

Watson further praised Moore on Thursday, calling him “the best rookie receiver in five years.”

Watson said, “You think you look at it — he’s got it all. Hands, he’s got long arms that go up and get passes. He’s explosive and he’s good after the catch. “So I think he has a really, really bright future moving forward this year and in this league.”

Watson also noted Moore’s strong work ethic, saying he saw him play overtime with receivers coach Joe Breymeier to learn the playbook and the differences between the college and professional systems. acknowledged that Moore had done a “phenomenal job” of picking up the play after spending several months with the team.

“I don’t think the plan for last week was just for him to play two. It’s been a short week with just injuries, guys getting hit and hurt. I think it was kind of a one-off.” said Watson. “He’s a huge part of what we want to do on offense.”

Coach Andy Reed said Wednesday that Moore is “doing a good job,” indicating he’ll be increasingly involved in an offensive game plan as the season progresses.

Moore said he hopes to be more prepared each week, ready to “unleash” when the opportunity arises.

However, was it difficult to endure during that time?

Moore smiled Thursday and said no.

“We can’t be a team like this. We’re a Super Bowl team. I can’t be mad,” Moore said. “So I have to wait my turn.”

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