Bellator 285’s Yoel Romero aims for two championships — and a ‘terrified’ Jake Paul

Yoel Romero (14-6, 12th finish) beats Melvin Manhoef (32-15-1, 29th finish) in the co-main event at Bellator 285 (4pm showtime) on Friday at 3Arena in Dublin, Ireland. Finally reach out. Ahead of the fight, which was originally scheduled to take place in May, before Manuf reportedly injured his hand, Romero, who is from Cuba, spoke via Zoom via an interpreter during a post-fight interview question-and-answer session. I spoke with Scott Fontana of The Post for.

Q: You are also planning to finish in the third round. Your last of his seven finishes was in that round. Regarding round 3, why would it have been better to end the fight there instead of the previous round?
A: I think it’s kind of my connection with God that makes that possible. That’s what I believe. You know what they say, right? God created everything in six days and rested on the seventh day. So, by chance? I don’t think so (laughs). just kidding. just kidding. Jokes aside, there really is no explanation. Just a happy coincidence. That’s one thing that happens.

Q: Your last match against Alex Polizzi was your best performance in years. What do you think made you perform so well in that match?
A: It was really a combination of things.Also a little bit of frustration that I couldn’t give my fans everything I could have given them in my fight [last September] Against [Phil] All the chaos and Davis that happened during the round and that fight. So it was kind of building up inside me, and everything was pouring out during the fight with Polizzi. I was on fire trying to give my fans something that I couldn’t give them last time. That’s Factor No. 1. Factor No. 2 is the fact that you have experience in this sport, MMA. I’ve fought 20 times already and that’s the experience. This is very useful and I hope that everything I have learned so far will lead me to success and move forward.

Joel Romero
Bellator MMA

Q: Your last two bouts were £205. Also the next Melvin Manhoef fight. How does it feel to fight in the UFC’s famed 185 versus this weight?
A: Pure brute force is the difference. Don’t confuse it with the power of a punch. that’s not what i’m talking about. I’m talking about the pure force of the collision, say, when both bodies hit an octagonal fence, and I’m talking about the pure force of that impact, and that’s the biggest difference. bodies collide. It’s like two trains going back and forth. We’ve been working a lot on what I call Standstill Force. A resting force is, for example, when pushed against a fence or when some obstacle occurs. Such staying power puts emphasis on where you can get out of a particular situation. This added weight.

Q: Last time you were supposed to fight Manhouf. How important was it for you to be rescheduled here?
A: See, there’s nothing personal about Melvin here, but the goal is to beat everyone who keeps getting in my way, going through obstacles, and keeping my rankings up, so who am I going to fight? I don’t care. That’s all I care about. If Melvin or anyone else gets in my way, my duty is to get past them and move on to bigger and better things.

Q: What’s the bigger and better thing you’re after? What are your goals at Bellator?
A: To be champions in both middleweight and light heavyweight divisions. Simple like that.

Q: So you haven’t given up £185?
A: No, never [not]I left it very clear when I signed with Bellator. They made me feel very welcome and wanted to fight in both divisions. The order of things is not important to me. All right, let’s go after him. ’ And when the time comes for 185, I’ll go after that too. Really just go after what’s in front of you and be ready whenever the 185 comes along. The fact of getting is thrilling to me.both [is] It’s not something I take for granted. It’s a privilege and I aim to do my best in both departments and show my worth every time I go out into the world. [cage].

Q: Bellator wants athletes to participate in other martial arts. Boxing is he one of your strongest assets. is that of interest to you?
A: Boxing has been rooted in me since I was a child, so I cherish it very much. My family has a history of boxing, so I would like to try it someday. And you heard the name right. Jake Paul; what happened there was when Jake Paul was going to fight Tyrone Woodley he came to me before he went to Woodley and there was some kind of approach to making that fight happen But eventually he backed down. I don’t know; maybe he was scared, but he didn’t want to find me after all. it didn’t happen. So I just keep doing my thing. I don’t know what Jake Paul was thinking and what he wasn’t thinking. But like I said before, boxing is part of who I am, so I want to try it.

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