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Bella Shmurda taps South Africa’s Nasty C to rejig Philo. The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigerian and World News

As Nigerian songs continue to saturate streaming services around the world, it’s becoming a very common scenario for artists to drop remixes of hits that barely made it out of the mainstream. Joining the line of artists tweaking the single’s shelf life is Nigeria’s own street-her pop sensation, Bella Shmurda. Bella Shmurda took things further south with a remix of his critically acclaimed record, Philo, tapping his hop maverick Nasty C.

After dropping TikTok sensation Ara (Gen Gen Tin) as an appetizer, Bella Shmurda keeps the momentum going with this Philo remix. This remix is ​​the perfect blend of Bella Shmurda’s energetic vocals and Nasty C’s witty lyricism, making it a must-listen for all music lovers.

The remix boasts intricate guitar work, an engaging bassline, and a breezy melody that perfectly encapsulates the track’s theme. The song is a love song that talks about the feelings of young love and how it makes a person feel, and Bella Shmurda and Nasty C capture these feelings perfectly.

Shmurda’s album, Hypertension, has been making waves in the music industry since its release last year, consolidating his efforts debuting with High Tension Vol 1 & 2. And his witty lyricism keeps his notoriety alive on the streets.

Philo Remix is ​​available across streaming services.

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