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‘BEEF’ Review: Steven Yuen and Ali Wong are the standouts of the Netflix slow-burn revenge tale. SXSW 2023

of beeftwo strangers cross paths during a road rage incident and become lifelong enemies. Lee Sung Jinof (Dave, Undo)’s new series deals with an escalating conflict between two characters who refuse to back down, leading to an act of revenge that becomes more dangerous with each new strike. This is the perfect concept for his quirky Dark comedy that makes you laugh at the absurdity of the situation, but beef It offers a slow-burn story that takes all players time to get into the game before things really get out of hand. beefThe initial pacing of may push some people away. because it’s a Netflix series It rewards patient viewers with a multi-layered examination of mental health, human morality, and how everyday turmoil shapes our lives.

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beef I’ll tell you about Amy (Ali Wong) and Danny (Stephen Yun), two people from very different backgrounds, whose lives are intertwined after a simple parking dispute. I am trying to sell (Joseph Lee) and daughter Junie (Remy Holt). Meanwhile, Danny struggles with odd jobs while dreaming of building a house for his parents who were forced to return to South Korea a few years ago. She’s trying to become a millionaire while he lives from hand to mouth. At first glance, Amy and Danny are completely different. however, beef As you slowly underline, the two enemies are more likely than they think.

Danny Cho (Steven Yuan) looks out the driver's side window from inside the BEEF
Image via Netflix

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From the first episode, beef Highlights how Amy and Danny deal with depression and anger management. Amy likes to smile and pretend she’s got it all, but the hole in her heart can’t be filled with money, motherhood, or her loving husband. The prospect of paying the bill slips through his fingers, and Danny’s life hangs by a thread. Both characters have to look in the mirror and wonder why they feel that way, but prefer to blame others for their problems. As such, they easily throw tantrums and focus all their energy on their own beef, convinced that their misery is always caused by each other. In the meantime, they lie, cheat, manipulate those closest to them, and justify their terrible actions as evil necessary for revenge.

By composing the story around characters of various occupations, beef wants to show that mental health issues can disrupt the lives of poor and wealthy people alike. It doesn’t mean that the series takes a cynical stance on money and happiness, as Danny’s material struggles give him a clear disadvantage in the face of Amy. I spend a good deal of my time showing you how to make it easier for people to make bad choices. beef While he falsely refuses to oversimplify, Lee is fully aware that struggling to get what he wants will only make things harder for some people.

one of the greatest strengths beef There are no absolute villains or heroes in the story. All the characters are just human — trying to make the best of the cards they’ve been broken, beaten, and dealt. and, beef Everyone still finds time to explore the ways they are the product of their life experiences, and those who are the most angry are slowly being molded into their fearsome selves. There comes a time when you have to take responsibility for your own actions. Still, when you look at the many layers that make up a character’s psyche, it becomes much harder to denigrate a character.

Ali Wong as Amy Lau watering the orchids in BEEF
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Such a complex view of human life can only succeed with a cast that can stand up to the occasion and keep people engaged. beefBring your lovely characters to life. good luck, beef We have two powerhouses as leads. It’s no exaggeration to say Yeun and Wong put on the best performance of their lives. Lee found a way to lean into each actor’s strengths to build a great ensemble of flawed characters, so the supporting cast as a whole should also be commended. David Cho It’s fun every time he shows up as kind-hearted mobster Isaac Cho.Paul’s role should be given. young maginot A breakout opportunity he deserves. Maria Bello It also sounds like a lot of fun playing Jordan, the daring Zen financier.A lot of shining clumps are spreading beefThere are 10 episodes that are hard to highlight just a few.

in the meantime beef It’s definitely a strong debut and we can’t wait to see more of these characters in the future, but viewers will have to manage their expectations to get the most out of the show. beefThe pacing may be too slow for the first few episodes as it tests the rationale for what Amy and Danny can do to enact revenge. You can beef One of the best dramatic TV ever brought to us. Still, it may be some time before the series finally clicks.This is a side effect of its unique perspective and unexpected tone. beef Once it finds its footing, it becomes a delicious drama with shocking turns, capable of handling complex themes with both levity and grace.

evaluation: B+

beef had its world premiere in its first two episodes at this year’s SXSW festival. beefThe entire season will be available on Netflix on April 6th.

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