Bayern Munich advance to the Champions League semi-finals with eight points against Barcelona

When spending a humiliating night for Barcelona in Portugal, Bayern first time The team scored eight goals in the Champions League knockout match, and Barca scored eight goals in the match for the first time since 1946.

Thomas Müller started scoring Bayern within five minutes and Austrian defender David Alaba sliced ​​into an own goal to level the score.

However, in the 10th minute of the first half, he scored three goals and the Bundesliga champion was able to take the lead. Ivan Perisic, Serge Gnabry and Mueller scored a second goal to widen the lead before the break.

In the second half, Luis Suarez reduced Barcelona’s deficit, but a bold assist from Alphonso Davies on the left back. Joshua Kimmich Robert Lewandowski’s header and the late Philippe Coutinho’s double will help Bayern advance to the final four games against either Manchester City or Lyon, who will play Saturday.

“It’s hard to explain. At this point, I think our team is in great shape,” Mueller told BT Sport after the match.

“We are working hard. We are working at this strength. I think it’s hard for anyone to beat us. It was a lot of fun. In the style of our players we are facing. The player’s name doesn’t matter.

“Of course, they have special players, so we have to be able to bounce more aggressively and over and over again. After this match, this result we feel good. Good. It was very special. “

Winning team?

With Bayern finishing the Bundesliga season after the restart (winning 18 games in a row on the way to another title) and easily dispatching Chelsea in the previous round, the Bavarians are, of course, in the tournament. It is a favorite of many people to win.

However, in the face of Lionel Messi and a neutral company, it was not clear which of the two European giants would advance to the final four.

The first chance of the game was on the Catalan side, as Sergi Roberto’s cross-pitch pass was about to fall to Suarez just to get in the way of goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

And it was from that save that Bayern broke the opening goal. The clean pass between Lewandowski and Muller was finished in the lower corner by the German World Cup winner.

Barcelona was soon leveled and it came in an unusual way.The cross from Aruba from the left was sliced ​​in agony over the desperate Neuer’s head.

However, coupled with the intense pressure of Bavarian, Barcelona’s insistence on playing from behind kept the Catalan in trouble and happened to appear to the Bavarian.

In the end, Barcelona scored four goals for the first time in the first half of the Champions League match, and Perisic, Gnabry and Muller took advantage of the defensive slack to convey the pressure.

Lewandowski (right) celebrates with Coutinho after scoring.

After Antoine Griezmann was introduced in half-time, Barcelona improved slightly and reduced the deficit, thanks to defenders and Suarez’s agility to avoid scoring.

But the best goal hasn’t come yet, and it was offered by the extraordinary 19-year-old Canadian Davis.

Skipping Nelson Semedo, he avoided the challenge of other defenders and fell along the edge of the pitch before laying it off for Kimmich.

Coutinho’s two goals, lent out from Barcelona, ​​ended a notable match in Lisbon.

“I know other teams will be watching our game. They may or may not be impressed,” Müller added. “But the semi-finals start from 0-0 and you have to win the next match to reach the final.

“I played in such a big tournament, but it’s more difficult after such a result, so I have to be careful.”

Lewandowski scores the sixth goal of # 39; with his team.

The end of the era?

Messi reacts after scoring Bayern Munich.

With six of the starting XIs of Barcelona over the age of 30, Barcelona was completely dominated by the youth and vibrancy of Bayern Munich.

Club follow first time Pitch on and off may change during the trophy-free season after 2007/08.

Messi, now 33, was aiming for his fifth victory in the Champions League at the same level as Cristiano Ronaldo.

However, following Barca’s defeat last week and Ronaldo’s Juventus, this year’s tournament first time After 2005-06, neither Messi nor Ronaldo will play after the semi-finals.
Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué Admitted “It was a terrible game. I feel terrible … embarrassing words. I think we’re bottomed out now.

“We can’t compete that way. We can’t play that way in Europe. It’s very tough, not the first, second, or third. Hope it helps. Now everyone needs to have. Look at yourself and change clubs, I’m not talking about coaches or players, I’m not pointing my finger at anyone. Who Also not safe, I say first I go that new blood has to come, I leave first. We actually see internally what is best for the club Must be. ”

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