‘Baseball gods knew exactly what they were doing here’ ‘Just no shots’ – New York Mets fans say slugger Brandon Nimo suffered injury in spring training game react to falling

The New York Mets’ ill-fated winning streak continues in their ramp-up to Day One, this time with Brandon Nimo collapsing with an injury. indicates an injury. This comes days after Mets superstar closer Edwin Diaz was knocked out of the 2023 season with a knee injury.

Nemo is coming off a breakout 2022 season, appearing in 151 games and batting .274. Although he became a free agent during the offseason, he chose to re-sign with the Mets. He is expected to be a key player in the outfield and at bat in 2023.

Talkin’ Baseball shared a video of the injury on Twitter.

Brandon Nimo appears injured after sliding to second base

The New York Mets have had a tough few days with the loss of two core players. They definitely have championship aspirations this season and injuries are the fastest way to derail that. I made it.

@TalkinBaseball_ Damn spring training games are pointless, why players want to participate

Diaz’s injury World Baseball Classic, created a discourse around the veracity of playing in exhibition tournaments.Hopefully, for New York, Nemo’s injury will be a more short-term problem, unlike Diaz’s. MLB team to overcome.

Is it WBC’s fault? Because Mets fans say it’s just going to hurt them? These bastards brought this karma and it’s being led by KFC.…

Considering the play of the New York Mets, Philadelphia Phillies and Atlanta Braves, they need to start running. Some have pointed to the Mets’ offense as a potential weakness, only to be outraged by this injury.

While not making light of the situation at all, this just shows how stupid people are to blame the WBC for Edwin Diaz’s injury. . Hope Brandon Nimmo is okay.…

Brandon Nimmo was poised for a glorious 2023 season, but it could all be derailed in spring training.

Ability to overcome injuries could make or break New York Mets’ success this season

World Baseball Classic Pool D: Puerto Rico vs. Dominican Republic
World Baseball Classic Pool D: Puerto Rico vs. Dominican Republic

All championship teams struggle along the way, and the Mets will have an injury problem. Edwin Diaz is one, if not the best closer in the sport. Nimmo is one of the more consistent offensive threats the Mets have.

Losing one is hard to overcome, and losing both is nearly impossible. Still, a true champion team can always find a way.

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