Bailey gives an update on Sasha Banks’ recent car break-in

Rumors of Sasha Banks and Naomi’s return remain a major concern for many fans Since the pair strike May last year. The return of Banks’ longtime friend and former tag team partner Bayley to his WWE SummerSlam has fueled speculation as to when the duo will reappear.Still, Bailey remained Be tight-lipped about Sasha and Naomi’s status with the company during a recent interview with with a click.

But Bailey confided bank car robbery Last month, in Oakland, Calif., the Bay Area native explained, “She was here for work… she had been warned that anything could happen.” “I was optimistic about it. I thought, ‘You’ll be fine.’

The rental car the former WWE Women’s Champion used during her trip was at the center of the problem, and Banks first shared what happened through her Instagram story. then reposted onlineshowing Banks’ frustration about how little time it takes for his car to be burgled while in the city.

“Fortunately it didn’t matter, but it still sucks, right?” Bailey added. “We just have to deal with a rental car that has cracked windows and is messed up with insurance and such.” He vowed to “show up in person and get that bag back.”

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