Backstage news on the latest AEW talent meetings and locker room vibes

AEW held another talent meeting on Wednesday.

love to fight It is reported that it was held ahead of the “Grand Slam” special. The good news for those inside AEW is that the conference is said to have gone well. One AEW veteran told Fightful that the situation behind the scenes has calmed down considerably over the past three weeks.

Another AEW talent called the situation “add by subtraction.” The talent didn’t elaborate on who they were referring to. The overall impression is that the latest meeting resonated with the talent and served as a way to inspire them ahead of the big show.

Many wondered what the impact would be Backstage brawl with CM Punk, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega and Ace SteelThe incident followed Punk’s post-all-out media scrum, in which he expressed his displeasure with AEW Executive Vice President. Attendees knew the situation was very real and not part of the act.

believed Everyone involved in the backstage disturbance has been suspendedSome were on the scene but weren’t actually there The suspensions have been lifted for players involved in the fight, including AEW Talent Relations team member Pat Back..

Since that incident, AEW has held other talent meetings. The All Out debacle was reportedly preceded by a large talent meeting and some mixed reactions inside. When I spoke to the talent, they said Omega was tough.. Another meeting before “Dynamite” following All Out Brian Danielson, Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley participated.

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