Backstage news about Malachi Black and other AEW names being contacted by WWE

AEW talent Malachi Black wasn’t the only person WWE reportedly sent feelers about a possible return to the company recently.

according to fight full selectDax Harwood, Cash Wheeler, Swerve Strickland, and others were also contacted by the WWE Talent Relations department headed by Triple H. was part of Triple H’s version of “NXT”.

Fight full confirmed Previous reports for Wrestling Observer It has been suggested that Black stated to his WWE contacts that “he still wanted to be there.” Black is practically finished with AEW, but he doesn’t qualify to “fight in WWE for a long time.” “Conditional Release” given to him by AEW.

According to Fightful sources, when it comes to other AEW talent who want to return to WWE, some in the upper echelon of AEW are of the “let them go if they want to” mentality.

Finally, in addition to Black, Strickland and FTR, WWE reportedly reached out to another unnamed top AEW talent in August. The name was supposedly “with the company from the beginning,” and Fightful’s AEW sources were “surprised to learn” that WWE contacted them.

Earlier this month, at a post-all-out media scrum, AEW President Tony Kahn lashed out at WWE for alleged tampering With his company flair, he stressed that he was “not going to sit down and take this s–t anymore.”Khan also dealt with charger tampering During mandatory talent meeting A hero for the All Out Pay-Per-View in Chicago. at the time, Reported by Dave Meltzer After being contacted by WWE, the AEW talent referred their contact information to a lawyer and informed AEW management that WWE was in touch. reportedly sent an email to WWE co-CEOs Stephanie McMahon and Nick Karn, warning them of the consequences of contract tampering.

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