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Avatar 3 gets conflicting shoot update from Zoe Saldaña

There’s still plenty of time before release, but Zoe Saldaña has a contradiction. avatar 3 Shooting update. Saldanha stars as Neytiri, a member of the Na’vi tribe living on the planet Pandora, in her famous sci-fi action franchise directed by James Cameron. Neytiri tells Sam she falls in love with Jake, a Worthington mortal, and she eventually makes her family with him. Navi body. Thanks to the original’s success, Cameron has his four plans. Avatar The latest installment hits theaters ten years after its predecessor, with other sequels slated for 2028.

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While appearing at the 2023 Oscars for the previous sequel, Zoe Saldanha offered some insight into what’s highly anticipated avatar 3 To entertainment tonightAfter expressing excitement for what’s to come from the next threequel, the star shared an update on the filming, saying that the film is “70% complete,” Contradicting Cameron’s previous commentSee what Saldaña shared below.

Yeah, I mean, we’re going to come back and finish it this summer. 70% done. But I have time.

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How complete was Avatar 3?

Zoe Saldana in

avatar 3 First published as part of Cameron’s ambitious four-sequel plan It was previously scheduled for a 2015 release, but was delayed multiple times due to lengthy development cycles.By the time production finally started last year, Avatar: Path of Waterit was reported that Cameron was simultaneously filming the upcoming Three Quells in New Zealand, primarily for underwater set sequences involving entirely CGI characters.

Interestingly, filming was reported to have ended avatar 3 Having returned in late December 2020 after three years of production, Saldanha’s comment that more production was needed was surprising. Just a few months earlier, Cameron had said: avatar 3 was”95% completein December of this year, while confirming that the film was shot in succession. stranger things The effect of an actor aging out of his role.

Saldanha’s filming update may seem to contradict Cameron’s previous arguments, but the director also said: 9 hours cut of avatar 3 It’s rumored to be aiming for a Disney+ release shortly after it hits theaters. As the Oscar winner aims for such a massive scale for the threequel, his original 95% figure slips back as he aims to come back to shoot more of the actor. It is possible that

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