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Australian MPs pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II and discuss republic – Times of India

Canberra: Australian MPs pay tribute to Queen on Friday Elizabeth II, after returning to parliament from a break taken to observe the Queen’s death, some join the discussion of the Republic.
Australia has a long-running protocol banning parliament from sitting for 15 days after the death of the British minister Anthony Albanese I decided to follow the protocol.
Albanese has previously said he wants the Australian president to replace the British monarch as head of state, but has avoided getting involved in republican debates since the Queen’s death.
Australia’s parliament, the Senate and the House of Commons, passed a motion of condolence for the late monarch on Friday and offered congratulations. king charles III of accession to the throne.
Albanese said it was hard to understand that the Queen was now just a memory after 70 years of reign.
“In a time of rapid change, she was a rare and reassuring regular,” Albanese said.
Elizabeth visited Australia 16 times during her reign.
“She got to know us, appreciated us, accepted us, and the feeling was very mutual,” said Albanese.
The Prime Minister offered his condolences to King Charles III.
“I am thinking of King Charles who feels the weight of this grief while taking on the weight of the crown,” Albanese said. “At the dawn of his reign, we pray for His Majesty’s soul.”
opposition party leader Peter Dutton The Australian said he took advantage of the Queen’s verbal wisdom and the comfort of her voice.
“She admired the Australian trait of honoring those who do important business without making a fuss or attracting media attention.” Dutton Said. “But of course, wherever the Queen went, crowds cheered, clapped, and waved flags to express their adoration, choking the streets.”
Adam bandThe leader of Australia’s small Green Party expressed condolences but reiterated support for Australia becoming a republic.
“The Queen’s passing means we have a new head of state without having any say in the matter. It’s absolutely appropriate to have a respectful discussion about whether that’s right for us as a country.” It’s time,” he said.
“We can express our condolences to those who are personally grieving her, while also respectfully speaking about what that means for us humans,” the band added.
Lawmakers also talked about the link between monarchy and colonization.
“For many Indigenous Australians, the legacy of the monarchy is complex, difficult and a poignant reminder of the effects of colonization,” said the Minister for Indigenous Peoples Australia. Linda Barney“We’ve seen a lot of people wrestle with swirling emotions this week.”
She said many natives look up to Elizabeth.
“The Queen’s relationship with Aboriginal Australians is a reflection of both how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go,” Barney said.
British High Commissioner Vicky Treddel was in parliament to hear the eulogy.

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