Ascension of cauliflower (released in 2018)

Others, like Alix Turoff, a New York registered dietitian, say they like cauliflower because it absorbs the flavors of other ingredients. She tells her clients to combine cauliflower rice with sauces such as curry, stir fry, and chili peppers and flavorful dishes. Some people use cauliflower for rice instead of sushi, stuffed peppers, and taco bowls.

“It opens the door for people to be more creative,” she said. “It’s just a great way to get more vegetables in your diet.”

According to food industry experts, the cauliflower trend is growing to appeal to a wide range of consumers on a variety of diets, from plant-based to archaic. Many of them are attracted to vegetables and are looking for so-called clean labels or foods that limit additives such as sugar, salt, artificial sweeteners, highly refined synthetic or genetically modified ingredients.

According to Nielsen, grocery stores have 36 different categories that use cauliflower as an ingredient. The company found that sales of “cauliflower-centric” chilled foods increased by 108% over the past year and cauliflower baby food increased by 34%. Green Giant, a national food brand with a 100-year history, states that cauliflower is one of the most popular vegetables on the market today.

Jordan Lost, Vice President of Customer Insights at Nielsen, said: “It’s found in everything from cream cheese to baby food. Products containing cauliflower are growing faster than the whole category. It’s driving the growth of all foods.”

California pizza Pie Five For pizza, cauliflower crust pizza is the standard item on the menu. There are also several brands of cauliflower pizza sold in supermarkets. For example, Calilipower and the Cali’Flor brand, which sells plain cauliflower crusts and flat breads (including vegan varieties) to consumers who want to add their own sauces and toppings.

Many vegetable substitutes can be made at home with simple kitchen utensils. Rice cauliflower can be made with a hand-held tool called a food processor or rice burner. Another gadget, called a spiral riser, turns zucchini, pepper and pumpkin into noodles. However, this process can be tedious and time consuming, and some brands will offer more convenient packaged varieties.

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