Armie Hammer accuser calls on Elizabeth Chambers to support ex’s ‘healing’

Armie Hammer (left) and Elizabeth Chambers in 2019 (Photo by Amy Sussman via Getty Images)

Armie Hammer (left) and Elizabeth Chambers in 2019 (Photo by Amy Sussman via Getty Images)

woman who accused Armie Hammer A sexual assault victim is now speaking out against the actor’s estranged wife. Elizabeth ChambersChambers said following the interview that she supported her husband’s efforts to prioritize “healing.”

busy after that!newsChambers confirmed she’s moved into a ‘committed relationship’ with a wellness therapist Ricardas KazinekStill, she and the “Social Network” actor are “in a great place” as they learn to co-parent their two children. We talk all the time,” he stressed.

“Kids need moms. Children need dads,” Chambers said. “So there’s nothing we wouldn’t do.” She went on to point out that Hammer “has been dedicated to his healing,” and that she’s “here to support that process.” Did.

But on Wednesday, Hammer’s accuser – identified only as Effie – shared series of screenshots Her “House of Effie” Instagram account appears to show a message sent by Chambers urging her to go public with the assault allegations against Hammer.

“He’s really a psychopath,” one of the messages read. “And he’s never been with the kids all day. Ever.”

In another message, Chambers allegedly told Effie that he needed a Hummer to “leave” the Cayman Islands, where the actor’s family lives. moved As the allegations against him continued to mount.

“He was forced to come here by court order to try to be a father, but now he is a danger to them,” the message said. “He has to go. He spent a few days with them and he got drunk and high and violent.”

according to to peopleEffie rounded out her series of Instagram Stories — many of which you can find gentleman “There are a few things to keep in mind before anyone wants to ‘cure’ a rapist.”

In an emailed statement to the Huffington Post, a representative for Chambers dismissed the implication that Chambers urged Effie to come forward.

“Given the scope and nature of the allegations made, Elizabeth sought to determine the veracity of those allegations. She was very responsive to all parties involved,” the statement read. “The children’s safety and well-being are her priority.”

Hammer’s professional life came to a halt with last year’s House of Effie. Screenshot of posted message Contains references to violent sexual acts and cannibalism that appear to come from the actor’s account.

Hammer denied the allegations, but the ensuing controversy prompted him to pull out of a number of high-profile projects, including the Jennifer Lopez comedy.”Shotgun wedding” and “ on Broadwaya short period

About two months after the message was posted, Effie came forward at a press conference hosted by her former attorney, Gloria Allred. She accused Hammer of raping her in 2017, and the two had a four-year relationship that ended in 2020.

Immediately after that, the Hummer check yourself To treatment facilities to address problems related to drugs, alcohol, and sex.He has kept a low profile for most of his 2022, and in July said to have been seen I work at a hotel resort in the Cayman Islands.

Effie and other women’s accusations against Hammer are examined in detail in the Discovery+ documentary series.Hammer’s house‘ was released last month.

Need help? Visit RAINN’s National Sexual Assault Online Hotline or National Sexual Violence Resource Center website.

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