Are there any drawbacks to being gluten-free if you are healthy? (Released in 2018)

It can be especially problematic if following a gluten-free diet means avoiding whole grains, as whole grains are associated with many health benefits, especially for heart health. there is.Large intakes of whole grains as part of a healthy diet Reduced risk of heart disease, some cancers, and type 2 diabetesObesity Death from many causesIncludes infections and respiratory illnesses.

“In general, gluten-free alternatives tend to have more fat, sugar, and salt than foods that contain gluten,” added Dr. Lebwohl. Gluten is also found in products such as energy bars and deli meats because it gives the dough elasticity and helps thicken various processed foods. Doctor to make up for the loss of texture. “Gluten-free alternatives are often in poor health,” says Lebwohl.

Starting a gluten-free diet can also “interfere with the ability to detect celiac disease,” he said. Lebwohl may normalize two abnormalities detected by major celiac disease testing tools: a blood test looking for a specific antibody and a biopsy looking for intestinal damage after just a few weeks of gluten removal. Because.

“One of the frustrating scenarios for both doctors and patients is when the patient has many symptoms, starts a gluten-free diet and feels much better (probably 90% better), but celiac. I still don’t know if I’m sick, it’s not, “he said. “If someone is experiencing symptoms that may be associated with celiac disease, that person should be tested first before starting a gluten-free diet.”

Many books and online sources have written about the benefits of avoiding gluten, such as weight loss, cognitive well-being, and overall health, but these claims are not supported by evidence.Some patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) may see their symptoms improve after cutting foods that contain gluten, but studies have shown that Probably a non-gluten result..

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