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Apply and enroll for 2022 Marketplace Health Cover starting January 1st.Deadline approaching

published to December 9, 2021

This is your last chance to get 2022 Marketplace Health Cover starting January 1st. The deadline is Wednesday, December 15th. That means you only have 6 days to enroll, re-enroll or change to 2022 Marketplace coverage starting January 1st. Don’t miss out on affordable coverage that fits your needs and budget.

How to apply/enroll

  • New to create an account Fill out the application form for the first time.
  • Do you have your marketplace covered in 2021? Login to update your application, compare plans, and make changes or updates for 2022. Even if it automatically re-enrolls, it’s important to:
    • Update income and household changes. Otherwise, your savings may be wrong.
    • Compare plans. Otherwise, you may miss out on new plans and prices that better suit your needs.

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