An unflinching fan stares into the camera with an eerie grin during a Mets A game

I will do my best to sleep again.

The spectators in the stands at the Oakland Coliseum during the A’s game against the Mets on Friday night provided an eerie twist.

In the fourth inning, SNY’s camera panned to a woman in a neon yellow shirt looking directly at the camera with a smile on her face. I kept my pose – without flinching -. A few pitches later it happened again.

Early in the broadcast, she could be seen standing in the seat just behind the plate with the same smile, staring at the camera. He held the pose throughout the first inning.

Fans next to her seemed oblivious to what she was doing.

A shirt that shows the whole body when standing and has “SMILE” written on the front. According to multiple reports, this was part of a promotion for the upcoming horror movie Smile.

Fans eerily stare into the camera during a Mets A game.
screen grab/twitter

Elsewhere, fans at Yankee Stadium Team’s 5-4 victory over the Red Sox Likewise, he sat directly behind home plate and stared at the camera with a smile on his face. .

The film hits theaters on September 30th. Kevin’s daughter, Sosie Bacon, has a starring role in the film, but certain fans may have already stolen the show.

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