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An increase in high school students suffering from stress.Related doctor

More and more high school students are suffering from stress, resulting in teenagers complaining and sometimes sick and unable to attend school.The Association of Pediatricians (AJN) and school psychologists are concerned, they said NOS.

According to AJN Vice President Raquel Abrahams, stress complaints should be identified as early as possible. “The longer you wait, the more likely it is that stress, anxiety, and depressive feelings will derail.” “Had it been caught early, most of the time it wouldn’t have been necessary. Plus, there’s already a huge waiting list for specialist care.”

Prevention and early intervention are essential, but shortages of mental health pediatricians and adolescent workers often make this difficult. Youth physician and school psychologist care is also not regulated in the same way in all municipalities. For example, some municipalities require that children see a pediatrician if they miss a certain number of days from school, while others do not. AJN hopes to arrange this nationwide.

School psychologist Gezina Topper also advocates for better contact between teachers and students. “We are worried about whether schools will notice when a young person first reports illness.” She thinks early contact by teachers would be very helpful. “It’s already very stress-reducing and there’s no need to involve a psychologist at all.” But she acknowledged that her teachers are under a lot of pressure and stress, too.

Adult check-in is necessary because young people are often unaware that their ailments are caused by stress. “They realize: I don’t sleep well, I worry a lot, I have headaches and stomach pains. We don’t always know that this could be the cause.”

Teaching children that mental health and physical health are connected can also help. But it doesn’t address the root of the problem, according to both pediatricians and school psychologists.

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