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Amsterdam supermarket offers free groceries and life coaches to struggling families

A special new supermarket opened on Tuesday in Wildemannboort in Amsterdam’s New West. Fris supermarkets provide free groceries to vulnerable families. The only condition is to accept the help of his coach at Studiezalen, the foundation behind Fris. parole report.

Frith, which means ‘fresh’ in English, stands for fresh produce and a fresh start that the supermarket wants to support families. It all starts with groceries, says Studizalen founder Abdelhamid Idrissi, 33 told the newspaper. “I want to get rid of the stress of the day. Let me give you a night’s sleep. That’s the beginning. People don’t just survive, they have to live.”

Started in 2010 as a few rooms for vulnerable children to do their homework, Studiezalen has been crowdfunded and supported by other local businesses, including Vomar, Bakkerij Metalsa, fruit growers Jan Oskam, TommyTomato and butcher Kaddour. We fund supermarkets through donations from. tomorrow. Frith’s shelves have everything you’d find in any other supermarket, from pasta to baby diapers to bike keys. But what they’re really hoarding are stories, Idrisi told the newspaper.

“There are all kinds of stories here. If I hear you go to school without breakfast, I will give you breakfast. Or people don’t feel fresh and want to look good in job interviews etc. That’s why we provide toothbrushes, shampoos and hair gels.”

Frith is not a food bank, Idrisi stressed. “We don’t need proof of poverty. And we keep them for guidance.”

Life coaches at Studiezalen help people with everything from finding jobs and internships to registering for the right benefits and finding the right facility. One family helps a child who is being bullied, another has an addiction problem. Care is as tailor-made as possible, said Idrisi.

Fris and Studiezalen are currently helping 80 families in Nieuw-West. “The demand is much higher, but whether we can help more families depends on whether we can get more sponsors.

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