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Amsterdam may open public buildings to provide more toilets on King’s Day

The city of Amsterdam is considering opening municipal facilities in the Jordaan district so that people can use public toilets on King’s Day. However, the city says there is too little space for an additional toilet outside.

Last King’s Day, the municipality installed 275 public toilets in the central and southern regions. However, this was not enough to prevent people from urinating in public.A large number of complaints have been received, according to AT5, so the city council is asking for improvements at the next King’s Day celebration. As a point, I would like to continue working on this issue.

Alderman Turia Meliani, who is in charge of events, and Melanie van der Horst, who is in charge of public spaces, said one problem in Jordaan is its dense urban areas. “In Jordaan, municipalities have reached the limit of what can be placed on the streets when it comes to toilet facilities in public spaces.”

The issue of limited space in King’s Day toilets is not new and has been raised in the past. Women, young children, parents with babies, and people with disabilities, in particular, are troubled by the availability of toilets on festive days. You are more likely to urinate on the spot, especially on a busy and crowded day like King’s Day.

But the municipality wants to address this issue as well. Political leaders believe that’s because many of the festival-going masses don’t want to be exposed to pissing in Amstel. Therefore, we will consider installing toilets in municipal real estate so that they can be used.

For now, the city is only considering buildings within walking distance of Jordan’s busiest streets. It is not yet clear when the decision will be made.

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