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Amsterdam lowers first fines for violating holiday rental rules

The municipality of Amsterdam is reducing the initial fines it imposes on people who break the rules and rent out their homes to tourists using holiday rental platforms like Airbnb. An Amsterdam resident who broke the minpaku rules for the first time had previously been fined €8,700. That amount will be reduced to €3,000, the municipality announced on Friday.

If you are found to be operating an illegal hotel, you still have to pay an administrative fine. “But when it comes to holiday rentals, we’ve seen another type of criminal emerge in recent years. But we rent to tourists from time to time and don’t obey. Please follow the rules,” the municipality said. Therefore, it was decided to reduce the fine.

Last June, local governments decided to completely stop fines hosts from platforms like Airbnb until new policies are in place. We have received several messages from Amsterdam residents who had to pay fines. Hosts will be fined again now that the reduction has been implemented, a spokesperson for the municipality has confirmed.

Fee reductions will be retroactively effective from October 1, 2021. As a result, the municipality will partially refund 77 fines. This is expected to be completed by April 2023.

If you rent a house in Amsterdam through websites such as Airbnb or, you’ll need to add your registration number to your ad. The rule has been in place since last year and is enforced by the municipality. The regulation is one of measures to limit the rental of houses and apartments to tourists.

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