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Amsterdam ends Stop and Frisk trial due to police overreach

Amsterdam has decided to immediately call off the Stop and Frisk trial after police conducted “several unauthorized weapons tests” in November, Mayor Femke Halsema said in a letter to the city council. , said on behalf of the city’s police and prosecutor’s office.Services. “Unauthorized” searches were conducted outside of designated areas, she said. NHK news report.

In September, the city of Halsema and city authorities designated five security risk zones where police could stop and search people to see if the method was effective. From October to December, police were able to conduct 25 searches for him in Noord, Zaid, Zaidoost and parts of the New West.

But Halsema said parts of the search were “unlicensed” because they were conducted outside of designated areas. “One of these checks, he said, was done outside the youth center’s security risk area.” Police also searched people inside public buildings in the security risk zone. “While this fell within the legal framework, due to the search of the building, a different action was taken than we had agreed to.”

Amsterdam therefore immediately called off the Stop and Frisk trial. Authorities will also investigate unauthorized searches.

Police have already apologized to people at the youth center, according to Halsema. “Young people are shocked by the weapons inspections, but they want to look to the future with their organizational and local partners.”

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