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Amsterdam donates €500 to apartment house fire victims

The Municipality of Amsterdam has given the 63 residents of Startblok Riekerhaven burned down on sunday A one-time compensation of 500 euros, the city announced at an information evening for residents on Thursday. The city is doing this in exceptional circumstances where locals have suffered significant damage, said a spokeswoman for Alderman Rutger Groot Wasink. advertisement.

This allowance is paid to people registered to live in the 63 burned down houses. Another block of 78 homes still stands but is uninhabitable for the time being due to smoke and water damage. The cluster of container houses was a ‘mixed housing estate’, housing mainly students and young refugees, i.e. those starting out on the Amsterdam housing market.

“The allowance covers basic necessities,” a spokesperson told AD, referring to toiletries and clothing.l crowdfunding campaign It was also launched for victims.

Affected residents have taken refuge in the canteen of a handball club for nearly a week. Local government officials and medical personnel will be on site to assist with practical matters such as reissuing passports and answering insurance questions.

A 27-year-old man at the house where the fire broke out Arrested on suspicion of arsonHe was arraigned on Wednesday and will remain in custody for another two weeks.

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