Amon Rastreet Brown goes into full savage mode about the WR taken before him: ‘I didn’t see him much in the game’

a little over a year ago, amon la street brown He is the seventh wide receiver to be selected in the 2021 NFL Draft. detroit lions Nominated 112th in the 4th round.

But 17 games later, St. Brown is laughing for the last time. And he was quick to point out that his one of the wideouts taken in front of him had been on the opposite sideline for most of the Lions’ win. Washington Commanders 2nd week.

“Even the commanders found a man in front of me over there,” said St. Brown I got it on wednesday. “his name is Daimi BrownI don’t know how many catches he had, and I’m sure you guys can probably tell me, but I don’t know how many yards he had, but I haven’t forgotten anything like that. I can see him across the sideline from where I’m standing during the game. I didn’t see him much in the game.”

He’s right: Daimi Brown picked 30 before St. Louis. Brown has played only four offensive his snaps total this season and has received zero. st. Meanwhile, Brown played in 87% of the Lions’ snaps in Week 2, receiving 9 innings as he finished for 116 yards and two touchdowns. 8 straight games with at least 8 catchesHe has 180 receiving yards and three touchdowns for the year.

st. Brown quickly became one of the best young receivers in the league. In two weeks, he tied for 4th in his NFL overall receiving, 10th in yards, and 2nd in touchdowns receiving. Among the 2021 draft picks, St. Brown ranks second in receiving, third in touchdowns, and fourth in receiving yards. st. Brown is also his third player under the age of 23 to score a touchdown in at least six consecutive games. His two remaining matches are Randy Moss and Rob Gronkowski.

7th wideout not bad.

Its nickname is also St. Brown for the past two years. For this season’s “Hard Knocks,” St. Brown rattled off the names and schools of every receiver brought before him.

st. Brown is no stranger to savages.After the fantasy football manager sent a direct message to St. Brown on Instagram with some “ground rules” st.Brown posted a photo on Instagram It refers directly to offensive messages.

Two more games to St. Louis. Brown’s second in his season, but the young wideout already looks like he’s one of his breakout stars for the 2022 season.

Amon La Street Brown has not forgotten who was taken before him. (Photo by Kevin Savitas/Getty Images)

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