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Amazon UK workers strike

То песибольный ту америской гиганта ту электронической экраніжей емпаігмό тін игрушение тіш місіς λίρας πόληση το λίρας και η και φοριο το ωρομίσθιο στις 10.5 λίρες. [Reuters]

Στην προτιμή τους απεργία κατέβηκαν οι της της στις αποθέκης του κολοσσού High tech Amazon st UKΚύριος μοχλός της κινητικήπησης τους είναι η προστήσεις το 5% στος τος τους τους, εμπαιγμό, but also working conditions. moneyreview.grAbout 300 out of a total of 1,000 employees have lost their jobs at Amazon’s warehouses in Greece. То песябол ту америской гиганта ту электроническая диаμартырестая гия тін тін тіш місіς λίρας, πο λόπος το λίρας και η και φοριο το ωρομίσθιό τος στις 10.5 λίρες. この 5% の増加は、技術 γίγαντα, τον χιμιστήσε ο μεγιστάνας Tζεφ Μπέζος, ωρομίσθιο 少なくとも 15 λιρών is lower than the UK population as workers. Note that the UK flood index increased to 10.5% in his December.

Working conditions.

At the same time, they are calling for better working conditions, expressing concern about long working hours, high rates of workplace injuries and accidents, and poor work rhythms. As they make it clear, their productivity is constantly monitored through technological means. Amazon says it has a system that “recognises critical performance” and “encourages counseling to help employees improve when they’re not meeting performance goals.” Speaking to the BBC, GMB member Ομως said this was not the case. These employees scan products sent from the warehouse, so if someone stops scanning for a few minutes, it will show up in Amazon’s system. These minutes are added to each shift and as a result, at the end of the day we are asked: Τιεάσας;». Striking workers say they want the world to know what’s happening at the park every time they order from Amazon. A company representative told CNBC that only his 1% of UK employees were involved in the strike. Additionally, warehouse employee salaries have increased by 29% since 2018, and the company said he is donating £500 to employees as a measure of accuracy.

It has been suggested that Amazon’s sales and profits worldwide plummeted during the pandemic that turned the world into e-commerce. Between 2019 and 2020, that profit nearly doubled to $21.3 billion for him. Then the following year he increased again to $33.3 billion. dollar. Finally, even while the economy is reopening, demand is on the rise because of demand, and Amazon, which has employed thousands since 2019, now employs his 18,000 people globally.

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