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Alpha Blondie announce music hiatus

Published in APA News on January 25, 2023 at 15:21

Ivory Coast reggae star Alpha Blondie explains his temporary departure from the music scene and assures fans that his 20th studio album, Eternity, is coming soon. The code is working very well and gradually my voice is regaining its full capabilities, thank God,” the reggae star wrote.

Although the surgery was a success, “the doctor told me to take a few more months off, so I decided to take a year off and continue my recovery,” says the African reggae legend.

“I am thrilled that you have discovered my latest album, ‘Eternity,’ but it is only a postponement to share these precious moments,” he added.

“I hope my loyal audience understands me,” says Blondie.

Seydou Kone, better known by his stage name Alpha Blondie, is a leading figure in African reggae music.

Blondie, who came onto the scene in 1982, will celebrate the 40th anniversary of her music career in 2022 with her new album Eternity.

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