Alex Zanardi was moved to a specialized rehab center after a horrific crash

Zanardi, 53, who had his legs amputated in a motor race accident almost 20 years ago, lost control of his handbike while competing in a relay race in Tuscany, Italy.

Zanardi was then airlifted to Santa Maria Alescot Hospital in Siena, where she underwent three hours of emergency neurosurgery and was placed in an artificial coma.

hospital Issue a statement On Tuesday, he confirmed that Zanardi had been transferred after his sedation was over.

“General clinical status stability and neurological imaging have enabled transfer to specialized recovery and functional rehabilitation centers,” it read.

Therefore, Alex Zanardi was transferred today [Tuesday] To another facility. “

“Today, a new path for Alex Zanardi begins,” added Waltale Giovanni, general manager of the hospital.

Italians are incredibly popular. He was attending this year’s Tokyo Paralympic training and wanted to add to the impressive tally of gold medals.

In many support messages, Pope Francis I wrote to him while he continued to recover in the hospital. He praised Zanardi for maximizing his life and providing “lessons of mankind.”

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