Alex Cora responds to Red Sox criticism over Kevin Prawecki release

Alex Cora responds to criticism over Kevin Plawecki’s release originally appeared NBC Sports Boston

Who knew the release of Backup Catcher would cause so much controversy?

boston Red Sox Named veteran catcher Kevin Prawecki .

Prawecki was a popular figure in Boston’s clubhouse, and when he was released later in the week, he didn’t sit well with players such as pitchers. Nathan EvaldiWho He called the move “disappointing” and “a shock to me”.

Tomase: Red Sox players need to recognize their role in Prawecki exit

Prawecki’s release also faced criticism from the outside, with many wondering why the team parted ways with clubhouse “glue guys” instead of fringe roster members such as outfielders. Abraham Almonte.

As head coach of the Red Sox Alex Cora You may not agree with all the moves Chime Bloom has made this season.

‘I hate it when people mention business when they have to make baseball decisions’ Cora told WEEI’s “Merloni, Mego & Fauria” in a radio interview.

“Just like we had to move on from the (Juris) Familia because we needed to see the other relief pitchers, at this point, we had to put (catchers) Reese (McGuire) and Connor (Wong) on ​​for more. (Abraham deserves it too.’) Almonte is here and people don’t see that side, do they?”

Cora added that he would keep a “journeyman or 4-A” player like Almonte. Rob Levsnyder When John Shriver On the roster, they can essentially audition for their next job on a big league team. did.

“We love Kevin,” Cora said. “I think Kevin will be fine. He’ll probably be a big leaguer sooner or later. Thank you for everything he’s done for us.”

Like the Texas Rangers, Cora was proven right Signed Prawecki to major league contract Wednesday night.

As for speculation that morale is low in the Red Sox clubhouse after losing several favorites since the team entered the 2021 ALCS — hunter renfro, Kyle Schwarber To name a few, Christian Vazquez-Cora claimed his club was fine.

“People have their own ideas about timing. That’s all. The only thing I can say is I remember being in the clubhouse with 15-18 guys after the decision was made. I We had a few drinks and finally talked, this year and this year with Kevin,” Cora said.

“All these things about our split and whatever this is, yeah people have opinions but at the end of the day we’re still family and we have a great culture. I wish Kevin all the best.”

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