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Alejandra’s Story: College students need coverage too!

published to September 18, 2013

Have you met Alejandra?

Alejandra is an ambitious student with big dreams. She is looking forward to her college studies and plans to become a medical professional, just like her older sister Myra. And like millions of young people across the country, Alejandra doesn’t have health insurance.

Accomplish your purpose. I am trying to make something of my own.

Alejandra’s sister Myra explains:

“Alejandra paid $300 out of her own pocket for the school’s required checkup and some injections.

If you’re young like Alejandra, you might not think much about health insurance. until the day you need it.

You may have other priorities. But what if you have an accident, are diagnosed with a serious illness, or have a medical need for school or work?”

How Marketplace Helps People Like Alejandra

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Alejandra looks forward to finding affordable coverage on the health insurance marketplace® I’m also looking forward to seeing her sister.

what about you? Looking forward to being covered?

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