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Alberto Fernandez met with Joseph Biden’s envoy to settle bilateral ties he’s stuck with

Alberto Fernandez at the Americas Summit convened by Joseph Biden

Both Buenos Aires and Washington implicitly stipulate bilateral relations with Estados Unidos, creating protocols in both Buenos Aires and Washington. Alberto Fernandez was able to finish his mission at the Pisar el Salon Oval. Eight years of living together at Casa Rosada with Christina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Christopher Dodd is Joseph Biden’s special counsel for Latin America. Our dear President de los Estados Unidos, fue clave para organizar la Cumbre de las Américas en Los Ángeles, y conoce como están las relationship poder en el Gobierno.

Diplomatic relations between Argentina and the United States flow on a daily basis, y Washington has given up on deepening its strategic relationship with Alberto Fernandez. Biden entered that possibility when he learned of the declarations of former presidents Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, entered his position on the dictatorships of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, and heard his speech at the Los Angeles Summit. .

Alberto Fernandez’s geopolitical stance did not prevent the US Treasury Department from facilitating the refinancing of its debt with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the State Department and White House Security Council said Prime Minister Santiago Cafiero with Economy Minister Sergio Massa.

Pero la relación bilateral no escalará más allá de este límite form. Constant attacks on the Supreme Court, defined by Balcarce 50 y la llegada al poder de Lula da Silva, have shifted Washington’s strategic attention to Buenos Aires. After the demise of Jair Bolsonaro and Palacio del Planalto, the White House is now betting on Brazil.

Lula siempre fue observado con respeto por Estados Unidos, y eso explicata porqué se entrabato con Biden el próximo de February 10, barely 40 dias después de suceder a Bolsonaro. As president of Mercosur, he explains the geopolitical situation in Casablanca.

And Balcarce 50 took over Lura’s diplomatic centrality and Latin American representation. The current intention is to privilege bilateral relations with Brazil and strengthen Mercosur. sin deshacer los complexos vínculos que el presidente ató con la administration Biden.

Alberto Fernandez and Lula da Silva at the CELAC summit in Buenos Aires
Alberto Fernandez and Lula da Silva at the CELAC summit in Buenos Aires

Envoy Dodd arrives at Palacio San Martin at 11:00. There he is received by Alberto Fernández, Cafiero and the Argentine and US Ambassador Jorge Arguello. La reunion está prevista como una circunstancia protocolar, But the president’s aim is to use this opportunity to send a political message to Biden.

Alberto Fernandez has reiterated his geopolitical positions on Cuba and Venezuela, confirmed equidistant from Russia and China, and intends to ratify his will to deepen bilateral ties with the United States. Dodd estuvo ayer en la cumbre de la CELAC, yesscuchótodos los discursos del presidente.He Sabe como pigensa y como actua.

And Washington has all but dismissed Biden’s reunion with Alberto Fernandez. Considering that his arrival in the Oval Office could be interpreted by the government as an endorsement of the political agenda of all fronts, they do not forget that the president is seeking re-election. Hmm.

Sin embargo, and Balcarce 50 aguardan un gesto diplomático de la Casa Blanca. Se cumplen 200 años de relación bilateral, y en esa fecha histórica –specular— There could be an unusual move by the Biden administration.

The anniversary is January 27th.

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