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Albert Hein to open robot home shop center in Barendrecht next year

Albert Heijn plans to open an automated Home Shop Center (HSC) in Barendrecht next year. At this HSC, employees don’t have to pack non-perishable products from shelves to fill online orders because robots do it automatically, the company said.

A Dutch supermarket chain is automating its new HSC in collaboration with Swisslog, a global supplier of warehouse automation and software. The system uses robots and bins to quickly collect discrete products such as peanut butter jars and toothpaste tubes to fulfill online orders. “Soon he will have nearly 300 robots going through his HSC to collect ordered groceries.

New locations over 25,000 square meters are also sustainable. The completely gas-free building will be equipped with solar panels, energy-efficient cold storage, energy-efficient LED lighting, and heat pumps for temperature control within the office.

“Innovation and sustainability come together in this new Home Shop Center,” says Albert Hein CEO Marit van Egmond. stated that it is the main theme of the goal. “We look forward to working with Swisslog, whose smart automation solutions make the job more efficient and lightweight.

Construction of the new building is already underway. Albert Heijn plans to open the location next fall. HSC delivers his 45,000 orders a week to customers’ homes.

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