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After Ukraine-focused days, other concerns surface at UN – Times of India

UN: 3 days after the war began Ukraine world leaders united nations, other conflicts and concerns are beginning to emerge. Some are long-simmering global influences that have recently slipped out of the public eye. IsraelThe prime minister of Palestine called for the establishment of a Palestinian state in a speech on Thursday that focused on the conflict.
Others are intensifying regional conflicts. Armenia’s prime minister warned that “the risk of a new invasion by Azerbaijan remains very high” after the biggest hostilities in almost two years between the two rival states. The former Soviet states have been embroiled in conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh, part of Azerbaijan, but have been under the control of the Armenian-backed Ethnic Armenian Army since the separatist war ended in 1994.
Meanwhile, Iraqi and Pakistani leaders will take the stage on Friday. Both countries are crucial to the geopolitical world order, but have not received much global attention in recent years.
Annual gathering of leaders at the United Nations general meeting It provides an opportunity for countries to express their concerns and express their wishes. This year’s conference has so far focused on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the war that followed. Countries mourn how the conflict has upended the geopolitical order, sparked repeated fears of nuclear disaster, and unleashed food and energy crises.
Russia and Ukraine faced off on Thursday security council This was an extraordinary encounter, albeit brief, in which the top diplomats of the warring nations were in the same room, exchanging thorns and accusations, albeit not directly with each other.
At the conference, the United States asked other countries to tell Russia to stop posing nuclear threats and end the “terror” of war. Moscow reiterated its point frequently. Kyiv One explanation is the long suppression of Russian-speaking people in eastern Ukraine. Vladimir Putingovernment offered an invasion.
The Security Council met the day after the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyaddressing assembled leaders via video, insisting his army will win the war and demanding stronger UN action. allowed, but Russia opposed this.
Meanwhile, at the assembly hall, the Israeli Prime Minister Yair Rapid He delivered a speech focused on Palestinians.
A speech ahead of the Nov. 1 elections will portray himself to both voters and world leaders as a politician, a moderate alternative to his main rival, the hardline ex-Prime Minister. It appeared to be part of Rapid’s efforts to Benjamin Netanyahu.
“A deal with the Palestinians based on two nations for two peoples is the right thing for Israel’s security, Israel’s economy and the future of our children,” Rapid said.
But he lacks details and there is virtually no chance that Rapid, who has long supported a two-state solution, will advance his vision. and polls predict similar results after the next election.
Palestinians seek independent states in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip (areas occupied by Israel in 1967), positions that enjoy broad international support.

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