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After Leicester, UK religious violence spreads to Birmingham – Times of India

London: Tensions between Hindus and Muslims have reached a flash point. Leicesterhas now spread to Birmingham after a mob of hundreds of angry Muslim men stormed a small Hindu temple west of Birmingham on Tuesday night.
Muslims were angry when the Durga Bhawan Hindu Center in Smetwick invited Param Shakti Pete and Vatsaliagram founder Sadvi Ritambara to speak. The gathered Muslims applauded her for canceling it, but on Sept. 16, her NGO, Param Shakti Peeth, posted on Facebook that her event had been postponed due to her ill health. Did.
Bottles, missiles and fireworks were thrown at them while they wore black balaclavas and shouted “Alaf Akbar”. A small congregation of a Hindu temple waited inside the temple grounds, filming the man on his mobile phone in a threatening look.
In one of the chaos videos, a masked protester said, “This is a message from Birmingham to BJP and RSS Hindutva supporters. If so, we will go see them all, no problem for Hindus from the UK, but if the rest of the BJP/RSS newcomers come, see you.”
West Midlands Police said: “There was a pre-planned police station near the Temple of Supon Lane where fireworks and missiles were thrown at some of the officers. , No one was injured, and we are also investigating reports of a small number of vehicles being damaged.” An 18-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of possessing a knife.
Posters promoting the protest called on “all Muslims from all backgrounds” to join “peaceful protest against these Hindus who are attacking innocent Muslims” and called the Hindu temple “Durga BJP/RSS Center” and “Show them our solidarity and strength.”
Alok Kumar, VHP’s working president, sent a letter to British Prime Minister Liz Truss to warn about how Hindus, their places of worship and religious symbols are being targeted, urging many parents in Leicester to noted that they had not sent their children to school recently. day to day. The letter adds that a strong but false narrative has been constructed that it is the Hindus who are being attacked and the Hindus who are to blame.
The Indian High Commission in London issued a statement earlier in the week strongly condemning the violence and destruction of Hindu symbols carried out “against the Indian community of Leicester”. Mohammed later sent a letter to India’s High Commissioner Vikram Kumar Doraiswami criticizing the response, stating: Deliberate targeting of Muslims and Sikhs by a large group of thugs blaming all Indians and chanting far-right Hindutva slogans, reflecting the tactics used by the RSS against Indian communities Condemning cases of setting, intimidation and attacks. ”
The Pakistan High Commission in London issued a statement condemning the violence “unleashed against Muslims” in Leicester.
From the steps of Leicester’s Jamek Masjid on Tuesday, Pradimna Pradipgajar of the ISKCON Hindu temple said as faith leaders from both communities issued an impassioned petition calling for an “immediate end to provocation and violence.” The statement read out said: Leicester has no place for divisive foreign extremist ideologies. ’ MCB also said: Violence in Leicester “They were trying to bring their political ideology from India.”
So far, two youths have been convicted of Leicester violence, and 16 police officers and a police dog were injured on Saturday night. “I was influenced by the media,” he was sentenced to a suspended prison sentence after admitting to carrying a knife at a protest on Sunday.

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