AEW World Championship match, 4 other title battles

Chris Jericho agrees to start with the code of honor, but after Claudio Castagnoli beat him with a series of uppercuts, he lifted him up and dropped him over the top rope, forcing him to the floor, so the two men wasted no time. The champion continues his attack to the floor and sends Jericho to the ring apron, but Jericho takes advantage of Cary Silkin and then throws Silkin to the floor.

Nonetheless, Claudio regains control once he enters the ring and begins exchanging chops. I will come Jericho then dodges a running uppercut attempt and follows up with a boot to his head and a catapult under the bottom rope.

However, Castagnoli is able to connect with several uppercuts and drops Jericho with a dropkick in the corner, but going to the top turnbuckle Jericho swipes his leg.JAS leader aims for Hurricanes but Castagnoli catches it, but Jericho gets back in the move during the Avalanche attempt! Become.

Castagnoli then brings in a hammer and anvil elbow strike, stomping on him before locking Sharpshooter. Jericho comes out and goes for a low blow, but it is blocked and turns into a Recolabum, forcing Jericho to kick out again.Castagnoli then tries to jump off his second rope, but jumps directly into Codebreaker, Now the champion has to kick out.

Walls of Jericho is then locked in, but Castagnoli rolls through and tramples his opponent before destroying Giant Swing! No. Jericho then grabs the bat but Castagnoli catches it but is sent towards the referee to check himself. Jericho unleashes a low blow and adds to his legacy with the Judas Effect!

Winner (and new ROH World Champion): Chris Jericho

After the match, the rest of the JAS come out to celebrate, including Daniel Garcia, who seems visibly less impressive than his stablemates.

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